Welcome to our Wiki!  Here we hope to inform you on everything Bluestone!  We are a growing community with alot of awesome stuff in the making, so don't be afraid to join us!

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Bluestone (Dust)

BlueStone servers dedicates itself to one thing primarily; It’s Players.  You guys come first.  With our dedicated staff and superb ticketing system, we take pride in being one of the most helpful communities you’ll ever find.  With over 3 years combined experience in running dedicated MineCraft servers, BlueStone servers is a cut above the rest when it comes to game functionality, and player satisfaction.  Whether you’re raiding players, exploring dungeons or fighting the Ender Dragon, our staff will be there to help you along your way.  We hope to make your experience here at Bluestone as fun as possible and if you ever have an issue, be sure to open a ticket by doing /ticket (Insert problem here!) on any server.

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